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Jan 30

It’s the experience that matters most!

By Justin Bayliss | CX Insights

It's the experience that matters most!

I am often disheartened by the number of business owners I meet who genuinely believe that if they offer high standard products and services, they don’t need to worry about the standard of experience they offer their customers.

Another scenario is they think if they make their products cheap enough, they don’t need to worry about how poor the experience they offer is because they honestly believe people will buy them anyway.

The trouble with both these theories is that we now compete in a global marketplace. Online shopping provides plenty of alternative suppliers for both high quality goods and discount products just like yours, if your customers are not happy with the experience they have with you.  

Even if they don’t purchase online, the internet provides easy access to plenty of other suppliers, should they choose to go looking after a bad experience.

 So, to demonstrate the impact of good and bad experiences on your customers, here are two stories that clearly highlight why a carefully planned Customer Success Strategy is just as essential as a Business or Marketing Plan.
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