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Dec 30

Want to know the secret to Customer Loyalty?

By Justin Bayliss | CX Insights

Want to know the secret to Customer Loyalty?

In my October article, “Business Strategy #1 – Build Great Customer Relationships!”, I suggested the first and most important step in turning one-time buyers into Customers for Life, was to treat everyone as you would treat your Mum.

In this article I’d like to expand on that for you, introduce the GUEST model and provide some insight on how easily this can be implemented into your business to provide better outcomes for both you and your customers.

Why treat everyone like Mum? Because for most of us, this is the most tangible point of reference to determine the standard of behaviour to use with your customers, so they leave feeling like they’ve been treated like a family member or friend and been tended to in the best possible way.

By implementing this practice, you will provide a far better-quality experience that will inspire them to spend more, return more often and encourage others to visit and do business with you too.
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