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Born into a family retail business, I learned the craft of Sales and Customer Service watching my father and grandfather do business in our small country town, where success was less about wheeling and dealing and more about building long-term relationships within the community.

For over 25 years’ I have continued to implement this fundamental philosophy of people before business.

I believe strongly in the need to shift your focus from Customer Service to Customer Experience and that success in business is less about what you do with people and more about how you do it with them. While the straight forward tick the box approach of many businesses might deliver on the Customer Service expectations, in many cases it still falls well short on delivering an experience customers would be eager to return for themselves or recommend to others.

I am passionate about working with people and assisting them to see the substantial benefits of developing new systems and practices that make their relationships with both internal (team) and external customers more effective.

I have worked with numerous clients across a wide range of industries including Retail, Hospitality, Tourism and the Professional Services Sector to establish relationship-based sales practices and true customer focus in every aspect of Customer Service. The key ingredient of which is to develop customer centric cultures, underpinned by strongly engaged and aligned teams. 

As a facilitator, I take enormous pride in engaging the audience in a very personal way to ensure the highest levels of participation, understanding and more importantly, guarantee the learning is embraced and transferred back into the workplace.

As a consultant, I work closely with you and your team to carefully understand every aspect of your business to provide clarity on what the customer experience you offer should be like, what it is currently like and most importantly, through a process of Design Thinking, what it could be like.

My tips and techniques provide a tried and proven approach to customer engagement with a greater emphasis on the quality of the overall experience with a personal touch guaranteed to deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction, repeat and referred business and a much healthier bottom line.

I also use a range of diagnostic tools to determine the relevant metrics, remove the guess work and enable a strategic approach to deliver the best results.

My training career kicked-off with an appointment as the National Product & Sales Training manager with a large multi-national automotive brand and I have spent much of the past 20 years working with numerous Automotive brands training dealer staff in the areas Sales, Customer Service and Product Knowledge.

I worked closely with Brisbane Marketing to assist in the training and development of the wonderfully successful Brisbane Greeters.

I was also priviledged to play an instrumental role in the development and delivery of the Brisbane Welcomes the World program offered as a major initiative for the 2014 G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane. More than 700 volunteer visitor hosts and related industry personnel attended the training to prepare our city for the arrival of more than 4000 international visitors.

The Brisbane Welcomes the World program was then rolled out to Brisbane's Regional Councils as part of Brisbane Marketing’s Tourism Development plan in an effort to establish a more consistent standard in visitor hosting across the region and provide more personal experiences for visitors.

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I live in Red Hill with my wife Julie and our two kids Gabe and Lulu and after my family, my greatest passions are meeting people and helping them to communicate more effectively and appreciate the power and importance of love, respect and meaningful relationships.

I look forward to meeting and serving you and your team.

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JB is an ILP Fellow

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