Are you giving your customers an experience they'll want to come back for?

Now more than ever, it is crucial to make sure you and your team offer every customer the very best levels of Customer Service so they leave feeling inclined to not only return themselves but also recommend you to others.

Most business owners and managers like to think they have a pretty clear appreciation of the standard of the experience they offer their clients but many are surprised when they actually step back and take a closer look.

The Five Star Experiences process provides the insight required to fully understand how successfully you and your team are ticking all the boxes for your clients.    

Excellence in Customer Service is no-longer measured on just the provision of your

Products & Services but the experiences your customers and clients

enjoy during each interaction with you and your staff.

In other words, it's less about how well the coffee is made and more about how well you served it!

What is CX?

Just 5% increase in Customer Retention 

can increase your profit by 25 - 95%

Source: Bain & Co. + Harvard Business Review Research

How would your customers rate the service your team provides?

80% of companies say they deliver "superior" customer experiences.

But only 8% of their customers agree.

Source: “Customer Service Hell” by Brad Tuttle, Time, 2011

How skilled are the members of your front-line in handling customers?

Are their people skills as good as their job skills? In many businesses we find greater emphasis on the ability of staff to do the role they are employed for than establishing the skills and attitude needed to create great relationships with the people they work with and serve.

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