Five Star Team Engagement

One of the most significant factors in establishing the ability to deliver Five Star Experiences is first to ensure you are providing that standard of experience for your team. Without their commitment, any strategy you attempt to put into place will fail to reach the potential outcomes you are striving for.


of employees are either not engaged or indifferent or even worse, are actively disengaged and potentially hostile to their organisations

Source: GALLUPQ12 (April 13th 2016)

Any KPI you’d likely want to measure is directly impacted by Employee Engagement

What are you doing to make sure they're happy to be there?

Employee Engagement & Happiness Measurement Tool

2DaysMood is a fantastic new app that enables you to collect regular feedback from your team to understand the current mood in the organisation.   It’s like a litmus test for happiness that provides real-time data so you can keep your finger on the pulse and protect your most important asset ...    Your Team!

15 Sec Weekly Anonymous Survey Via App or Mail

Fast, fun and reliable

Research shows that...

Engaged employees have a positive effect on business results and Key Performance Indicators

And that...

Happy employees strengthen the wellbeing and sustainable success of your organisation

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2 Days Mood can help you develop your team.