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“The strength of any team is determined by its weakest link… which is yours?”

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The Importance of Five Star Customer Experiences

Excellence in Customer Service is no-longer measured on just the provision of your products & services, but the experience your customers enjoy during each interaction with you and your staff.

During this workshop, you will learn why you need to shift your attention from Customer Service to Customer Experience. While the straight forward tick the box approach of many business owners and managers might deliver on the service expectations, in many cases it still falls well short on delivering an experience customers and visitors would be eager to return for themselves or recommend to others

This workshop will provide:

  1. The difference between Customer Service and Customer Experiences
  2. The recipe for creating Customers For Life and Raving Fans
  3. A simple approach for gaining Repeat Customers and endless referrals
  4. A structured method to self-auditing your current Customer Experience
  5. How to create fully engaged and aligned teams

Engaged & Aligned Teams ... A Critical Success Factor

Without question, the most significant contributing factor to your Customer Experience is the skill and effectiveness of your people. This is equally important for those in your team who don't necessarily play a direct role in serving your customers. Indeed, the most regular customers you service each day are your internal customers... your colleagues!​

This workshop will provide:

  1. The benefits of Effective Teams
  2. The recipe for creating Fully Engaged and Aligned Teams
  3. A simple approach for building Team Relationships to enhance morale
  4. A structured method to understand why some people work differently 
  5. Six universal elements of successful and productive teams

Please also refer to our TEAMS page for a full run down on the latest tool in non-workshop based team development platforms

Consultative Selling to Create Customers For Life

Gone are the days when the art of selling was all about being a slick negotiator who could dazzle your customers with fast talk and a big cheesy smile. Today's consumer is far more informed and generally has a pretty good understanding of what they're looking for.

As a result, today's Sales professional also needs to be significantly more customer focussed and use a more consultative approach.

The most obvious change has been the enormous shift to on-line shopping. Consumers now have access to infinite choice and our ability to successfully build relationships with our customers is undoubtedly our strongest opportunity to enjoy high levels of repeat and referred business.

This workshop will provide:

  1. The benefits of embracing a Customers for Life approach
  2. The recipe for Reading People and Adapting Your Behaviour
  3. A simple approach for building Customer Relationships to enhance sales results
  4. A structured method to articulating value to create desire 
  5. Six personal elements of successful and productive Sales Professionals

Strategic Communication for The Best Results

Unless you've crawled under a rock somewhere or found yourself a tropical island to escape to, then like the rest of us your now subjected to more communication than ever before.

And while we have more tools than ever to supposedly make communicate easier, most would agree that due to the level of 'white noise' we are subjected to in any given moment, communication in many cases has become less effective than ever.

Whether its the constant distractions we are surrounded by or the just pace of life, the simple fact that we seem to have lost the art of effectively communicating with each other in a way that guarantees the best results.

Getting the best out of your staff, your colleagues and your customers requires the highest standards of strategic and effective communication.

This workshop will provide:

  1. What is Strategic Communication and what are the likely benefits?
  2. When and why to use different forms of communication
  3. A simple approach for building Customer Relationships to enhance your results
  4. Understanding why some people communicate differently and how to adapt 
  5. How to build a Communication Strategy that delivers the best results

Presentation Mastery ... Make the right impression every time

"Make Your Next Presentation A Winner"

Learn how to plan, produce and deliver a presentation guaranteed to deliver the right impression to every audience, every time.

Gain insight from more than 15 years experience in developing and delivering presentations to a variety of national and international audiences.

This workshop will provide:

  • Producing dynamic presentations with great WOW factor
  • Expert practical PowerPoint tips for guaranteed success
  • Developing templates & master slides
  • Adding images & multimedia
  • Adding animation for impact
  • Setting-up and using A/V Equipment
  • Tips for planning successful events
  • Enhanced Presentation Techniques
  • Engaging your audience… and keeping them there!
  • Reading your audience and understanding their preferred engagement styles

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