Training Client

Maurice Rotherham

National Training Manager (former)

Hyundai Motors New Zealand

“I have known Justin Bayliss for close on 10 years during which time he developed and delivered engaging and effective training to frontline sales and aftersales staff from Hyundai dealers throughout NZ.

From the beginning it was very clear that Justin has a passion for helping individuals grow and develop to be the best they can be in their chosen career. His easy going and caring personality quickly builds rapport with anyone he meets and encourages active communication both inside and outside the training courses.

His attention to detail and his determination to ensure every course or project delivered the results we wanted is why we continued working with him year after year. Delivering the best customer experience was one of the key messages throughout all of the training courses and Justin has the rare ability to inspire every participant to bring about the necessary changes so that they can deliver the best experience they can at all times.

I have no hesitations recommending Justin to anyone that is seeking to bring about a positive, flexible and enduring change.”

Training Client

Andrew Ellis

Visitor Services Coordinator

Fraser Coast Opportunities

“The production and delivery of workshops by JB for our 'Welcome to Fraser Coast' staff and industry training was not only first class, but the empathy shown to our region and staff by JB made sure that the sessions resulted in a positive surge of excitement, refreshing our approach with regional marketing to visitors in the area.

Establishing the link from experience rather than product in the memories of our guests and visitors helped us understand how better to connect with our guests and drive re-visitation to the region.

I can highly recommend JB and his approach in presenting both new and traditional methods of communication.”

Training Client

Paul Brown

Aftersales Manager

McVerry Crawford Motor Group

“As a manager, its critical that my staff understand the importance of customer service. Knowing the clients needs and over delivering an exceptional experience every time.

Justin has worked with us in-house as a team and individually one on one.

His flexible technique and ability to communicate at all levels helped my team trust in what he was saying and built a solid relationship with him.

Since working with JB for the past 5+ years I have seen the level of customer satisfaction increase exponentially.

The staff have the confidence and ability to deliver above and beyond customer expectations delivering a WOW experience daily.

I would not hesitate in recommending JB to anyone who wants to fine tune their customer service experience.”

Training Participant

Wendy de Beer

Printing Brisbane

“Yesterday I attended Justin's half day workshop. I sat spellbound through the morning.

Justin's energy, his understanding of people, his ability to include the group in discussions, his knowledge and skills in the industry and the relaxing way in which he presented are remarkable.

It all ended too soon. If you're looking to increase your relationships with your customers and your staff, I recommend that you attend one of Justin's upcoming courses or workshops.”

Training Participant

Patrick O'Carroll

Service Manager

Auckland Vehicles Limited

“I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from Justin's Service Advisor training.

His level of energy and engagement with everyone in the group was truly impressive.

Really looking forward to the next course.

Thanks Justin”

Training Participant

Ben Elgar

Service Advisor

McVerry Crawford Motor Group

The 2 day course I went on helped me to develop my customer service skills a lot. JB was very knowledgeable and tailored what he taught to the group or individuals he was training.

I gained a much greater understanding of customer expectations and JB gave me new tools to exceed those expectations.

What appealed to me was the flexible structure of the training. We were all at different levels of experience but his huge depth of knowledge allowed everyone to get something out of it.

JB was able to adapt to my individual needs and took time to work through situations that I found challenging, as a result when I returned to work I was more confident in my role.

I would recommend JB''s training to anyone that has any interaction with customers in any industry, the skills learned are applicable in any industry and a range of roles.

Consulting Client

David Goulter

Owner / Operator

Mount Gravatt Pressure Cleaning

“JB, my Customer service advisor and business mentor came out on site with me last week for the day to view how I ran my business and interacted with my customers when pressure cleaning their driveway and hand washing their houses.

Had a fun and educational day with JB, even had him on the pressure cleaner helping out – he showed great promise – impressed me with his initiative, willingness to get his hands dirty and understand how I operated.

We stopped for lunch and had a lengthy discussion on my business – how I sourced customers, looked after them and level of customer service I provided.

JB gave some great ideas to help build on my customer base and improve on my current customer retention strategy. He also threw in some good promotional ideas for my business that I could implement straight away, cost effectively to increase my sales.

I am happy to recommend “ JB” customer and advisory services to other business’s big or small - as at the end of the day we are all in the “People business”

It was time well spent with JB who looked at my business objectively - “working on it rather than in it” to generate bigger profits and get my time back.

Consulting Client

Deanna Byrne

Owner / Operator

Distinctive Blooms Florist

“I recently met with JB for advice with regard to a new business I am setting up. Essentially, I was just after some advice on the best places to begin networking.

An hour later, I had a clear idea of what my business needed in terms of branding, how to go about networking, and importantly where, and a couple introductions to other professionals.

More than this though, and here is the gold that JB holds in his hand; I came away from our meeting feeling I had the additional piece of the puzzle.

Justin has the ability to see through the BS, procrastination and “yeah... buts" and get to the heart of a matter. His insightfulness and direct approach is second to none and I could not recommend his services more highly.”

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