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Jul 31

Customer Experience is more than just Customer Service

By Justin Bayliss | CX Insights

Customer Experience is more than just Customer Service

Three essential steps to create happy customers

Undoubtedly, the most significant disruptor to retail in the last century has been the Internet. Far more than just the introduction of e-commerce, the World Wide Web has given consumers unprecedented levels of choice and the power of voice.

Back in the day, if you were the local baker, consumers in your town would buy their baked goods from you just because you were the local supplier. They were virtually a captive audience. As society grew, alternative suppliers appeared but these were still largely subject to geographic boundaries. Initially the internet meant buyers could research alternative suppliers nearby. But those boundaries no-longer exist. The internet has literally opened the doors to a global marketplace. Logistics aside, consumers can now source goods from anywhere in the world and subsequently, hold the power of choice.

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