Five Star Team Engagement

One of the most significant factors in establishing the ability to deliver Five Star Experiences is first to ensure you are providing that standard of experience for your team. Without their commitment, any strategy you attempt to put into place will fail to reach the potential outcomes you are striving for.


of employees are either not engaged or indifferent or even worse, are actively disengaged and potentially hostile to their organizations

Source: GALLUPQ12 (April 13th 2016)

Any KPI you’d likely want to measure is directly impacted by Employee Engagement

Source: GALLUPQ12

The tool we use to deliver the highest levels of team alignment and engagement is Actionable ConversationsTM - an innovative training and development platform that leverages insights from popular business books to drive employee engagement.

This series of interactive 60-minute value-packed sessions will speak to the specific needs of your team... lead by a member of your team!

Actionable ConversationsTM provide busy team leaders with the tools for:

Actionable Conversations™ can be lead by a member of your own team. They are NOT a presentation or training workshop but rather a constructive conversation with the members of your own team. Preparation only takes minutes and we provide all the materials needed to run the session.  

Better conversations drive better relationships. Better relationships drive better engagement.

Better engagement drives virtually every business metric you’d care to measure.

​ Actionable Conversations™ take core principles inspired by the best business books*, and, through 40+ different modules, allow you to choose sessions that specifically address your team’s unique workplace challenges and areas for growth within these six competencies.

Conversations Catalogue

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Actionable Conversations™ can help you develop your team.