Our CX Enhancement Process

In simple terms, we work with business owners and managers to help them better understand the standard of the Customer Experience they provide their customers with each interaction they have with their business.

Our goal is to take you and your team through a structured process of discovery to initially provide an understanding of the standards currently offered, before developing a strategic plan for improvement in the areas that need addressing. We then implement a ongoing program to maintain desirable standards in every aspect of the customer interface.


Tailoring your Five Star Experiences Customer WalkTM

When considering how complex and different consumers can be, it's necessary to factor in every aspect of the experience. This gives us the best opportunity to address all the factors that may impact on how the customer feels about what they have just been through with you and your team.

Some will be more sensitive to the emotional criteria such as the friendly engagement with staff and issues of personal comfort, while others will have greater awareness of the rational factors like the quality of the product and the processes in play as they are attended to.

In order to cover as many of these bases as we can, we work through the following categories with you to establish a level of experience most likely to not only meet but exceed the expectations of customers for a truly Five Star Experience in each of these areas.

The first step is to determine the criteria for assessment. During this initial step, a tailored assessment tool is prepared taking into consideration each of the 5 Core Standards. We call this assessment tool a Five Star Experiences Customer WalkTM.

For each of these categories it is necessary to consider each of the following:

  • Universal Factors
  • Industry Specific Factors
  • Brand/Franchise Requirements
  • Local/Personal Issues

You might also seek to include a number of team members to participate in the development of your Customer WalkTM Assessment Tool to ensure all relevant factors are included.

You could even consider involving a selection of your VIP or long standing customers whose input will take the process to an even deeper level of assessment.

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The next step is to use the tailored Five Star Customer WalkTM Assessment Tool to conduct a detailed audit of the Customer Experience standards currently offered by your business. This process can be undertaken by you and/or your staff or we can work with you to provide an outsiders perspective.

It may also include an opportunity to offer staff an opportunity to complete the same assessment. Seeking this level of feedback from you front line teams will often uncover issues you were unaware of and provide valuable insight that might have otherwise been missed.

Our service also provides a written report that both identifies the areas that require attention along with a range of proposed strategies for implementation to correct the issues discovered during the assessment.


Having collated the findings, a range of activities such as Team Meetings to discuss the outcomes, Team Workshops & Skills Training and One-on-one mentoring are implemented to correct the areas needing attention.

Expert advice can also be sought in specialty areas and we have an extensive network of service providers in a wide range of services that can be recommended to address most of these.


Having successfully implemented the strategies for all required correction of factors previously returning poor results, this next phase will essentially involve a range of follow-up assessment steps to ensure the desired shift has been achieved.

These will include:

  • ​The “Customer Walk” Assessment Tool can again be used to identify the gains achieved and where further measures a required to sort any outstanding issues.
  • An ongoing process of tracking and measuring using a relevant set of KPIs should be implemented to ensure improved standards are maintained
  • We recommend regular customer surveys that can be developed using much of the same criteria used in the Assessment Tool
  • You might also consider a Mystery Shopping program for further insight


In order to keep the team aligned and fully engaged in the process of ongoing improvement, general staff meetings that bring the wider team together to discuss progress, opportunities and any new areas requiring attention should become a regular event.

These meetings should include recognition of the outstanding efforts of any members of staff who consistently perform above and beyond expectations. you might even consider introducing an incentive program to maintain staff enthusiasm in areas of focus. 

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