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2017 IONIQ Product Discovery Program  

As discussed at the training event, you are encouraged to spend time familiarising yourself with all aspects of the vehicle by completing the following exercises:

  1. Download the Training Presentation PDFs, read them through and make a list of things you still need to learn
  2. YouTube (Grab a tea, coffee, beer or glass of wine and sit down and watch… and watch)
  3. Get talking to people about IONIQ (start with customers you have a good relationship with or family & friends)
  4. Start presenting BENEFITS not FEATURES
  5. Develop and practice FAB Presentations for IONIQ's Key Features with colleagues or send them to me
  6. Research global Hyundai websites (HMC, UK & US). This is something your customers will do as part of their pre-purchase research.
  7. Set up a Google Alert for all online chatter about the new IONIQ
  8. Join EV Owners FB Groups and keep an eye on what people are commenting on and what’s being said
  9. Join other Social Media platforms and #IONIQ
  10. Drive the car when it arrives BEFORE you take it out with a customer!

Please download and use the following documents to assist you in developing your Product Knowledge of the 2017 Ioniq.

Remember you are welcome to submit these to JB @ Five Star Experiences for feedback if you wish to check the accuracy of your work.

Training Presentation PDFs

Click the image above to download a PDF copy of the full Training Presentation or select from the individual sections listed below.

Training Documentation PDFs

Please make a selection by clicking the images below to download PDF copies of these documents

Full Training Worksheets

electric vs. hybrid

Entry vs. Elite

FAB Worksheet

3-Minute Drill Worksheet

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