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2017 i20 Discovery Day

Please download and use the following documents to assist you in developing your Product Knowledge of the 2017 i20.

As discussed at the training event, you are encouraged to spend time familiarising yourself with all aspects of the vehicle by completing the following exercises:

  1. Read through the Training Presentation PDF and make a list of anything you require additional information on then speak to other members of your team or contact a Hyundai New Zealand team member or JB @ Five Star Experiences
  2. Perform a comparison between each of the models and compile lists of all the differences to assist in your customer presentations
  3. Practice effectively articulating the value of each of i20's Key Features using the FAB process explained at training and develop a library of samples of these using the FAB document below.
  4. Develop and practice a 3-Minute Drill for i20 to ensure you are creating strong first impressions when introducing prospects to the car.

Remember you are welcome to submit these to JB @ Five Star Experiences for feedback if you wish to check the accuracy of your work.

Click the image above to download a PDF copy of the Training Presentation

Full Training Worksheets

PB i20 vs. GB i20

Hatch vs. Cross

FAB Worksheet

3-Minute Drill Worksheet

Please make a selection by clicking the images above to download PDF copies of these documents

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